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1986 - Ken Jump forms Jemco Seal Company as a sole proprietorship.

1991 - Gary Mansdorfer and Ken Jump disolve Jemco Seal Company and form Jemco Seal Corporation. www.jemcoseal.com .

1998 - Rangeview Tech Center, LLC is formed as a commercial real estate holding company with Jemco Seal as the managing company. Rangeview Tech Center is a Flex-Space office building in Broomfield, CO with Gary Mansdorfer and Ken Jump as the Principals.

2000 - The Teflon Seal and OEM products portion of Jemco Seal is spun off and Eclipse Engineering is created with the principals of Jemco Seal retaining ownership. . www.eclipseseal.com.

2001 - Air Squared Manufacturing Inc. is formed with the Principals of Jemco Seal as partial owners and locating in the Rangeview Tech Center. Air Squared designs and manufactures specialty compressors for the mecial, instrumentation, and aerospace industries. www.airsquared.com.

2002 - Having acheived a commanding prescence in the Laser Aligment market, Jemco Seal sells the Laser Alignment portion of it's business to Alignment and Condition Monitoring, Inc. www.ludeca.com .

2006 - Jemco Seal has acheived a dominant market share in the Mechanical Seal and fluid sealing market in Colorado and Wyoming. Jemco Seal is approached by Flowserve Corporation, a Fortune 1000 leader in process equipment,  to purchase the Mechanical Seal portion of it's business. The transaction is completed in December, 2006 and Flowserve takes over the Jemco Seal facility in the Rangeview Tech Center.  www.flowserve.com .

2008 - The Principals of Jemco Seal join a third partner in forming Online Solutions Corporation, an operator of online retail stores.  www.oscshops.com .

2010 - Jemco Seal launches an innovative new business, Waterfree Waterless Car Wash Systems.